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What do we do?

As of 5th April 2012, Anobyte has been dormant. Rather than just vanish without trace, this page was created so those interested in Anobyte know what the official status is.

What did we do?

The main purpose of Anobyte was to create and sell PC software utilities for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. We hosted and created Web Sites for our customers. Also, we offered custom software, consultancy, support and custom built PC systems. We were members of the Association of Software Professionals.


Our main product was the award winning secure password database - SPS. This mature product aimed to store all your passwords, user names and banking details in one seriously secure file. It had a deliberately minimalist screen presence (moreso than its competition) but still had the features you need for the small amounts of data expected to be stored. SPS is no longer supported by Anobyte.


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